Product Description BETTERMARK H-130

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  1. Handheld industrial inkjet printer
  2. Compact design: Controller and Head built-in one
  3. Printing method,Piezo ceramics drive drop on demand
  4. LCD touch color screen.
  5. Could print at any angles
  6. Printing resolution: 200DPI
  7. Languages:English
  8. Letter height: up to 18mm
  9. Printing lines: up to 15 lines
  10. Can print numbering, letters, logo, graphics without limitation of ration between length and height.
  11. Can print automatically real-time, date, expiry date, lot number , serial number etc.
  12. Ink for inkjet printer: solvent-based ink or oil-based ink (color: black, white, red)
  13. Printing objects: porous materials and non-porous materials
  14. Inkjet printer External interface: USB (could upload files or logoes into handheld inkjet printer)
  15. Battery: 16V, 2200maH
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